Custom-made automatic pool covers

Technical description

Possible placement of underwater roller cover for the pool

"EXTRA" lamella according to the norms NF P 90 - 308

Safe pool covers must be in accordance with the norm NF P90-308

The new profile of the slats is reinforced with a high amount of air in order to make it more difficult to sink and thus increase the load capacity and safety of the entire cover. The new slats' profile meets the necessary norm. During the time the pool is not used, the cover is locked by straps so no one can get into the pool. The slats must cover the entire pool and be strong enough to bear the weight of adults and children.

Floating pool slat covers installed with an automatic electric drive can be placed underwater or above water. Manual roller is installed only above ground. Summer and winter "tarps" do not correspond to the safety norm NF P90-308 and therefore are not considered safe. On the contrary, they can be very dangerous - the tarp can enwrap you in the water and make it impossible for you to move.