Custom-made automatic pool covers

We assess every order individually and design the optimal solution to fulfill your needs.

ASPAR pool covers

The main construction component of Aspar pool covers is a lamella in form of a closed multi chamber that floats on the water surface. It is made of PVC or polycarbonate.

Together with the lamella there is a roller system with an electronic control panel which makes the cover suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools.

The system itself can be installed under or above the water level. The construction solution of our roller system enables its placement in the best way to satisfy your individual aesthetic needs.

More than 10 years ago, Aspar Company introduced their own roller system that is being permanently innovated and improved to meet the demands of our clients. All of the components are made of massive stainless steel and aluminum. They are treated with special materials to endure the conditions in the given environment. As a result, there is a stable product with durability 10-12 years when properly treated.

The control panel (electronics) is available in two varieties, each of them comprised of a three-buttons switch and a remote control. We will suggest you the one that fits the best your needs and explain you how it works.

We offer also a manual solution demanding less investment and suitable especially for smaller pools.

Save time and money

The use of pool cover reduces the heating cost by up to 80%, the consumption of water and chemicals by up to 60%, and the humidity that requires an air-conditioning in case of indoor pools.

The cover protects the water from pollution, fallen branches and leaves and thus minimizes its maintenance.


A slat cover is an important architectural element that gives the swimming pool and the place around an attractive look.
Apart from that, it minimizes the maintenance and significantly reduces the chlorine smell in indoor pools and also makes the swimming season longer in outdoor pools.

The use of a remote control brings easier manipulation which makes the time spent by the pool more comfortable than ever!


Slat pool cover prevents anybody from falling into water. It eliminates the risk that your children or pets drown in the pool. And in combination with Stainless Steel handles you can be sure that they are safe at any moment.

The cover also protects the water from pollution, leaves, branches, etc.



Slat pool covers are one of the most widespread types of covers. They are popular especially thanks to their efficiency and modern look.
Our genuine automatic system will meet your expectations. The roller shutter covers the whole surface of the water without additional runners, poles or ropes.
The lamella cover system comes in several variations and can be placed in all types of pools.


An innovative system of installation of the roller shutter! Wider variety of lamella slats with a brand new design for season 2015. May 2015: New Skimmer is introduced to market!

The system of the roller installation has been innovated in response to the variety of new designs of swimming pools on the market 2015. In adition to that, we have made several adjustments to make its installation easier and faster than before.

We offer a new variety of lamella slats provided in three different dimensions both PVC and PC version and many colors. The season 2015 presents our new product Aspar® Element!

Since May 2015, we present a completely new solution for the placement of skimmers which was designed especially for the composite-type pools. However, it is also widely used in pools where the maximum water level is required.

You are welcome to our training centre in Brno-Modřice to see and try our products on your own! If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more information.