Aspar pool covers - a modern roof for your pool

Custom-made automatic pool covers

The control unit (electronics) is offered in two variants, each of which is equipped with a two-button switch and remote control as standard.

Both electronics store the end position of the cover and up to 8 remote controls. They allow the installation of cover in great depths or difficult environments thanks to the regulation of the motor speed. They electronically brake the motor and prevent the roller from unintentionally unfolding. Among other things, they are equipped with the possibility of connecting an external relay and controlling other devices depending on the movement of the cover. Both also allow software upgrades via their own WiFi module.

Both versions can be equipped with a remote display with buttons as a remote control on the cable.


EVO 13 Multi

EVO 13 Multi

Version without display. Indication LEDs are used to indicate status. To access the settings of all functions offered by the electronics, it is necessary to connect a remote display.

EVO 17 Nexture

Evo 17 Nexture
Version with integrated display. The settings are made based on the displayed instructions.

Servisní displej

Servisní displej

We offer a service display to all technicians and operators. The display can be connected to both electronics using a direct network cable. This allows all cover settings to be conveniently located from the pool area. With the Evo 13 Multi, opens access to all functions as with the EVO 17. The display will make the work much easier for operators thanks to the fact that it also displays possible error messages. The service display can be connected to older models as well.

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